I saw this on ebay...
This is a copy of the page, not the actual page. So this thing is no longer for sale, plus most of the links on this page won't work.
Who knows if this was real or not.

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Started Aug-05-01 18:44:03 PDT
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ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE AND 100% GENUINE! Rescued from Russia when Russia sold off many historical space items for US cash.Now located in Florida. This is a Bor-5 VKK (Spacecraft) and was used to test the aerodynamic characteristics of high altitude and extreme speed and heat on a space vehicle. It is an exact 1/8 scale model of the Russian "Buran" space shuttle. This Bor-5 is 16' long with a wing span of 9'. On the transporter, it weights about 4000 pounds. This is the only one left, of a fleet of six, and the only one that successfully met its test objectives. It was launched, June 22, 1988 from a two stage SL-8 rocket from the Russian Kapustin Yar test grounds and reached outer space (210 KMS). It descended, hitting mach 20 and temperatures of 16,000 K! It landed safely, after a flight of 2100 KMS, by parashute, near Lake Balkhash. The space shuttle shows the marks of extreme pressure and heat on its various mineral fibre glass coatings as well as the tungsten molybdenum nose fairing and leading edges of the wings. This Bor-5 was last exhibited at the Moscow "To The Stars" festival and is a unique and important historical relic. It cost the Russian BILLIONS of rubles to develop!It would make a fabulous exhibit and can be shipped, anywhere in the USA by large boat transporter van. Shipping and insurance to California, for example, would be about $5,000.00 Serious buyers can contact me for payment escrow with a local attorney.
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I prefer PayPal, the #1 payment service in online auctions!
I prefer PayPal, the #1 payment service in online auctions!

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